July 2007, Landed in US, Colorado – Denver going to be my home for sometime

July 8th 2007, second Sunday in United States, far away from my home town, almost one week spent in Denver, home alone, so thought to start this blog to jot down my adventures. Appreciate if you can provide feedback, as I’m a budding blogger with a loose grammar !

Just a few days back on 30th June 2007 I landed in Denver at the Denver International airport. My colleagues Vikas & Saurabh had arrived to receive me. I was also expecting Siva, but he was busy in packing his stuff back to India. We picked up the luggage and headed towards the parking lot, which was a huge multistory building. We sat on our car and headed towards the city, Denver.

The DIA or Denver International Airport is about ~27 miles (~43 kms) form Denver downtown. As I’ll be staying at South-East of Aurora area which is around ~22 miles (~35 kms) form the airport. You can also find the Denver International Airport on Facekook (click image below).
Denver DIA.PNG

Here in Denver I’m for an official assignment from my company Sapient and will be staying here for next few months. The stay might get extended for few more months, and I’m excited to be here. But on the same side I’m going to miss my family, Delhi, and my home town Nainital very much.

One good thing about my current company is that you get onsite opportunities very frequently and at the very early stage of your carrier. I have just ~1 year of work experience and they have sent me here for supporting their client’s application. And like me here in Denver there is a big IT staff who are staying here from long time, and I’ll be working with some of them. As I mentioned about Siva above, his tenure was about to end as he was here for almost ~4 years and was looking for other opportunities, so I’m going to work in place of him, replacing him would be a tough word considering his experience, knowledge and the relationships that he had built with clients, it will take me ages to fit into his shoes.

So as we reached the apartment where I was going to stay. I met Siva for the first time, had only spoken with him over phone till now, shook hands, discussed about the travel, India office, and lot of other things. We all had some beer with some snacks. I checked the time, it was 8pm and the sun was still at the horizon, about to set. As USA is closer to the north-pole thus the days are longer here compared to India. They knew I cook good chicken so I was the chef that first evening in US. It was Saturday evening, next day was Sunday, so no issues of waking up early. After few more gulps of beer we had dinner, with lot of talks and funny stuff, don’t know when we felt asleep. Next day i.e. on Sunday Siva left to India, and we did some groceries shopping from the stores.

Before my travel Siva suggested me that I can stay in his apartment, and he would extend his lease on my name. Thus I’ll get all stuff required at very low cost form him, and this way he could also settle his stuff easily, good deal for both of us. So moving in a ready made apartment was very easy for me, with other colleagues just staying nearby at neighbor. The other option I had was Hotel, but I cannot stay in a small hotel room for next few months. The apartment is nice with one bedroom and one drawing and a big balcony, with all facilities inside. (Apartment images below)

Monday, 2nd July, first day in Denver office, visited lot of people I had just talked over phone. Meeting them for the first time was very exciting, that too when they are your client, or from the leadership team. We all went for lunch at a nearby restaurant and we had lot of discussion from where I’m from, and about my experience till now in US. When they knew that I was unmarried, but committed, they asked if my girlfriend had came along with me from India. I said no, before marriage its not allowed in our culture, and they were quiet amazed to know this.

The office Janus Capital Group is at Detroit Street, just opposite to the Cheery Creek mall, with lot of other shopping avenues, like Safeway, Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.

For lunch the area has good number of restaurants from various cuisines, like Little Ollies for Chinese, Chipotle for Mexican, Piatti for Italian, Bombay Clay Oven for Indian, etc. And last but not the least Milwaukee St Tavern for Pub/Bar, with sports on TV & mini-bowling.

Next day on 3rd July, I got to know that the next day is holiday on account of Independence day i.e. 4th July. Unlike India, in US to celebrate any occasion you are not allowed to use fire crackers. There are designated places outskirts of the city where fire crackers are handled by experienced staff and you can go and see the fire crackers show from a good distance. So to see the Fire Crackers show we planned to go Frisco on the evening of 4th July, which is ~70 miles (~113 km) from Denver. That evening I experienced one of them most spectacular fireworks show of my life from the Main Street of the beautiful Frisco Bay Marina, near the Dillon Lake/Reservoir.
Photo courtesy of Todd Powell Photography

Frisco is a small town situated at the banks of Dillon Reservoir, and near to Silverthorne town, at I-70. Lot of people from near by Cities and States had come down to see the show. We had dinner at an Indian-Bombay restaurant, and headed back to Denver by late night.

Fricso Map (including: Dillon, Silverthorne and I-70 freeway)
Dillon DDReC-Map-page-001-912x1024 - Cropped

So, this is all in my first week, I’ll keep posting as I explore more here in Denver, and share my experiences, till then stay tuned !!!

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