An evening at Chatfield reservoir (lake) with friends

Another one day off due to Labor Day, got a call from Vikas that we are going to Chatfield. I didn’t had any idea what’s Chatfield, is it some activity, or a place, many questions were arising on my mind, like what does it mean? Vikas asked Saurabh to pick me up on his car and asked us to get ice in thermal boxes. We went to Walmart, purchased two boxes and filled half with ice-cubes, and rest one box with cold drink cans and another box with beer cans 🙂

Picture 001

And we straight away headed to Arsh’s house. Arsh is my manager, he has visited almost all the place twice-thrice in and around Denver-Colorado, and he is very good in making plans and arranging things.

He told about the place, that its a lake-dam, located at Littleton, CO and is around 26 miles (~42 kms) away from our place. People visit there for recreation and other sports activities like boating, horseback riding, camping, etc. Later on I came to know that this place is also famous for Hot Air Ballons.
Chatfield Map

Loaded stuff like Carpet, Cricket bat-ball, Frisbee and food material in our cars, and Arsh’s mini-grill to cook/grill food at the lake side. While approaching the Chatfield lake area there are big meadow land sprawling on both sides of the road giving it a very nice view. I noticed a green tree far away in the middle of the golden grass meadow and stopped the car to take a pic of it.
Picture 006

The Lake/Reservoir is surrounded by Chatfield State Park, and while entering this area it requires an entry fee of $8 for a day. For camping a reservation fee of $10 is applicable, with Check-in and Check-out time of 12:00 noon.
Picture 007

It is called a reservoir because it was build artificially by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, due to the disastrous flood of 1965, to control the floods in future. This also serves as water supply to the city of Denver. The reservoir looks like this from top/sky, and the red circle was our spot !!! (You can click to zoom and see it)

After reaching there, we found a nice spot near the lake, laid down the mats and set up the grill. Put up the stumps, and played cricket for a while. The only thing not in our favor was that the ball was going in lake in every shot 🙂 . So we asked the bats man to play slowly, otherwise we will count him out 🙂

Time for food, Arsh in advance and over night had marinated lot of stuff for us, like Cheese/Paneer, Mushrooms, Cauliflower, potato-wedges, broccoli, capsicum, chicken, etc.

The hot grilled food was really a good combination with chilled beer, and was really yummy, we ultimately had a bon-appetite !!! 3-4 people are missing from the pic below.

After playing, eating, drinking and enjoying together we all separated a bit to have some good time with their spouse. I sat down by the lake, the cool breeze was really soothing. The lake water was trying to touch my feet on every small tide, and whenever it touched it was very relaxing and a cooling effect. I was watching other people with their families, talking, enjoying boating, fishing and playing games with each other. I was wondering if I had brought my near & dear ones here, how perfect that moment could have been 🙂 .
Picture 036

I took some photo of the lake and tried to compose some good scenes.

Finally at the end we all called it a day, and wrapped up all our belongings and loaded in our cars. Put all waste in trash bags and dumped it in the dustbins.

While going back I was missing something, yes I was missing my family. But anyways, whenever I will get an opportunity in future I will come along with my family. If not here but to a similar place like this and will have a good and quality time with them.

Here is the map of Campsites, and all are within the walking distance from the lake.
Chatfield map 2

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