A visit to Gurdwara near Red Rocks amphitheater in Denver (Colorado)

It’s January weekend, Sunday, and we went to a Gurdwara (Sikh temple), located at outskirts of city Denver, near to the Red Rocks Amphitheater, at Morrison, CO.

This time Saurabh Narula & Ankit Aggarwal are here for a month visit in Denver and we’ve already gone few of the places in Denver for Dinner and hangouts.

So this Sunday morning we all with Siva and Viyom with his wife visited the Gurdwara. Arsh with his wife and new born kid were already there. We all did a bit seva there by washing utensils and cutting vegetables & salad for langar (free veg food). Went to the Darbar Sahib hall, prayers were being offered by the community members. We prayed in front of the holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib that is placed on a Takhat (Could not take any pics there).

After having lunch at the Langar by noon we left towards Boulder, had dinner there in an Indian restaurant India House, and finally left to Denver, to our respective places.

It was really a blissful day spent at Gurdwara, and I really enjoyed the seva and food there. Hope I could visit again and the near by places, like Red Rocks amphitheater and Dinosaur Ridge near by.

–> Update: The Gurdwara is now shifted near to the Denver International Airport.

Earlier was located in Morrison, Near the Red Rocks amphitheater, that we visited, mentioned above.

Current address:

Colorado Singh Sabha
20555 E 120th Ave,
Commerce City,
CO 80022
(303) 659-4150
facebook Page

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