A long drive in weekend to Vail Ski Resorts (from Denver), all covered with snow

So it was Mid February (16th) and a weekend, on Friday we already decided to go to Vail. This time we means Viyom, Ratnesh, their wifes and I, total 5 people.

Vail is a small town at the base of Vail Mountain, located in Eagle County, Colorado, USA. Spanning 5,289 acres, Vail is the third largest single mountain ski resort in the United States and has the fourth largest skiable terrain in North America. The 11 miles log freeway I-70 crosses the whole town along the Gore Creek which flows from East to West.

Elevation: 2,445 m
Zip code: 81657
Area: 11.7 km²

Our plan was leave early reach Vail by noon and return back to Denver by night. We took a Chevrolet Impala on rent and all five of us started our drive. Viyom was on the wheels and I was his navigator.

While starting from Denver it was sunny and as we went high on the mountain it became cloudy. The whole route was covered with snow and surrounded hills were also covered with lot of snow.

We stop by at Silverthorne to have some food for lunch. As we got out from our car the wind was very chill and it was very cold out there. We munched some pizza slices, burgers with cold drinks, and resumed our journey.

Fully snow capped mountains started coming up, and we could see people enjoying skiing there.

Finally we reached the Vail town by noon, and as we had lot of time so we took a small round of the town.

After checking the town we took the gondola ride up to the Vail mountain.

–> Hill Top

There was a cafe at the top of the mountain, we had some food and drinks, and descended the mountain by the same gondola ride. The whole day spent very nicely and we started to head back to Denver.

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