Petrol pump fraud… beware !!!

Till date I used to hear these stories only from my office colleagues or friends, but yesterday (Sunday, 6th Sep 2009) I encountered the same thing with me. I and my wife planned to go to Delhi for an evening stroll at Rajhghat. We start from our residence at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad and headed towards New Delhi via NH-24. Car was low on gas, so I stopped at Indian Oil Gas station at Ghazipur/Mayur Vihar.

There were 2 people entertaining the refilling meter. I told one guy to fill petrol for Rs 2000. He told me to look at zero on the meter and inserted the nozzle inside the tank neck. He stopped at 200 and said “done for 200 Rs”. I told him that I asked for 2000. He said OK and directed his colleague to fill again for remaining 1800. The other guy came and stop by the tank in place of him. Then the first one moved away, picked a wiper and asked me to close my front window, “plz roll up the window, otherwise water will come inside”. Suddenly I realized there is some fishy thing going, they are trying to play around me by diverting my mind. I said “wait, first fill the gas”. I recalled that this is happening the same way as my friends used to tell their stories.

The other filling station guy didn’t set the meter to zero and continued. Now I was confirmed that he will stop at 1800 and exactly that happened. He said “sir done for 2000 Rs”. I said this is only 1800, how come 2000. He tried math on me “sir, first 200, then 1800, so total 2000”. I again said, you didn’t set the meter to zero and continued from 200 and its only 1800 now. He called the previous guy and asked him if he reset the meter to zero. The first guy nodded his head and asked me “you didn’t see?”. I got annoyed and said “I didn’t se you reset to zero, I’m continuously watching the meter and you started from 200. I want to talk to your manager”. He suddenly told the other guy to again refill the tank for another 200 bucks and moved quietly to the other refueling meter. I was like W.T.F?

I got very angry over this matter and asked the other guy that what was all this? He said “sir plz let it go, and this is your bill”.
I was amazed, “who asked for the bill, by when you guys started giving bills?” and I just left.

So guys, be aware and be attentive while you refill gas next time !!!

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