Pay Road-Tax for your Car in Hyderabad (Telangana)

Now you have come down to Hyderabad with your whole stuff and your vehicle, and you don’t know about this finicky “Road-tax” thing. Either you didn’t knew about this or you were procrastinating that will see whatever happens, let’s first reach Hyderabad, “jo hoga dekha jayega”.

Same thing happened with me. I didn’t knew about the Road-tax issue and came to know just 2 days before leaving Delhi. I inquired about this and came to know that I’ve to get NOC, which cannot be procured in this less time. So, I also thought, will see whatever happens !!!

Landed in Hyderabad, and I was availing company’s Guest House facility for around a month, and my stuff was in Transword (packers n movers) godown for that time. After I moved to my rented house I called up the Transword guys to bring my stuff and car. They brought all my stuff and got it unpacked. Then after sometime I got a call form the driver that the car is caught by an RTO officer and is asking for NOC or Road-tax receipt, which we didn’t had. I talked to the RTO officer, he was not listening to me and was interested to come to my residence to check required papers. They reached within an hour with my car, and the RTO officer in another taxi. I told him the story that I’m new to Hyderabad and will pay the road-tax and just let us go. But he insisted that he is not going to file any challan or fine, instead is helping me to pay Road-tax in easy way. He gave me a slip and asked to furnish in the Attapur RTA office. He took my DL (Driving License), and told that he will return it once I provide him the copy of Road-tax receipt.

I came to know that:
– I do not need to re-register my car, just paying the road-tax will be enough.
– And for paying road-tax there is no need to get NOC.
– The road-tax payment is for life time, even you are going to stay for short term.
Road-tax amount is calculated on how old is your car, for new its 12% and gets lesser as your car deprecates year by year, check it here at AP Transport website:
– But if you’ve already got the NOC then get the re-registration done. Otherwise after 6 months the NOC will expire and you will have to get a fresh NOC from previous state with more paper work.
– Only get NOC and re-register if in case you want to sell your car here in future, or if you are in mood to take a refund of road-tax from your previous state.
for re-registration of vehicle check this blog post.

So, next day I went to the Attapur RTA in office cab (got it for my initial month from office to roam around Hyderabad 🙂 ). The process is very simple, and you don’t need any agent to get this done.

–> Documents Required: (Original and Copy)
1. Car Invoice
2. RC and Insurance
3. Driving License (DL)
4. ID proof, PAN card of the registered owner
5. Pollution check
6. Address proof of Hyderabad

–> Steps:
1. Go to Attapur RTA with all the required documents mentioned above.
2. At the reception just ask what all documents are needed, he will give you, fill them there.
3. Stand in the line, or if it is taking long time try to access the RTA officer cabin. As I was not getting proper response from the clerks and they were asking me to go here and there, I went into the officer’s cabin and told him what’s happening.
4. He took my documents & forms, checked the invoice amount in his own sheet, and asked me to get 2 DD (Demand Draft) of around ~42,500 Rs and 350 Rs each, for road-tax and chalan, respectively.
5. I went to the nearby ICICI bank and got the DDs of respective amounts.
6. Came back to the RTA office, and furnished it to the officer. He asked me to submit it in the same lines. Again that clerk was asking me to go here and there. On few follow ups he accepted the documents and gave me 3 Road-tax receipts.

All this process took just 3-4 hours including the time I took to get the DD from nearby bank.

I came out of the office and called the RTO officer who had taken my DL. He told me to meet near to my office the next day. I handed him one receipt and got my DL back.

10 thoughts on “Pay Road-Tax for your Car in Hyderabad (Telangana)

  1. Thank you Manoj sir. Though I migrated from Mangalore to Hyderabad along with my car two years back, I have not re-registered / paid road tax in Hyderabad. Your explanation of the above procedure is really very good. Since two years lapsed, whether the RTA make any issue if I now go for paying the road tax?


  2. Hi Manoj,

    I have requested response for this query on LinkedIn also. Then realized that query can be put forth here as well 🙂

    I have gone through your experience of transferring vehicle on Quora from Del to Hyderabad. Even I would be migrating from Del to Hyd in coming September.

    Just wanted to understand If I have to go forward and get the NOC for my Mahindra XUV which I bought last year and then pay the road tax (along with re registering) my car in Hyd? OR just paying the road tax in Hyd will get me through without getting NOC in Delhi.

    Your response or feedback would greatly reduce my trouble.

    Thanks in advance , my email id is in case you choose to revert on the same.


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