Re-register your other state bike (motorcycle) or car in Hyderabad

Moving to an another state for a long term with your vehicle within India is very hectic, specially in Southern States, like Aandhra Pradesh (AP), Telangana (TS), Karnataka (KA), Tamil Nadu (TN), Kerala (KL) & Maharashtra (MH). So if you are moving to any of these 5-6 states then you need to keep in mind that within one month you need to pay Road tax and initiate the process of Re-Registration of your vehicle.

Though the RTA collects hefty Road-tax which is ~14% for a new car compared to re-registration amount which is very less, they are less interested in Re-Registration of the vehicle. But if you are going to stay here for a longer term and/or plan to sell your vehicle it is advised better to re-register.

My friend Monil went through this process of re-registering his scooter from Karnataka. Here are the documents and steps for the people who are interested in re-registration of the vehicle:

–> Documents Required:
1. Need NOC from the original RTA in duplicate
2. RC (Original and photocopy)
3. Insurance (Photocopy)
4. PUC (Photocopy)
5. Vehicle invoice (in case of less then 15 month old vehicle, a certificate / receipt from the local Commercial Tax Dept. towards collection of Entry Tax is also required)
6. Address Proof (preferable two)
7. Photo of the owner of the vehicle with the vehicle (number plate should be visible)
8. Form 33 (will be available at RTA)
9. Form 27 (will be available at RTA)
10. Non-utilization certificate from the RTA Somajiguda (If the NOC is issued directly for the Attapur RTA then this formality is not required)
11. Life tax paid at Hyderabad RTA (Attapur)

–> Re-registration Steps:
1: Gather all the docs and submit along with Rs.370/- for re-registration (this amount was for two wheeler. May get varied for four wheeler)
2: Documents will be verified at counter 6 at Attapur and will be asked to visit Kondapur RTA to get it inspected
3: Go to Kondapur RTA and get it inspected from the inspector. Inspector will put stamp behind form 27
4: Submit all the documents at Attapur, RTA. They will ask you to visit some nearby shop and the person at the counter will verify the NOC with the NOC issued authority. You may be charged around Rs. 200/-.
5: Once done you will be asked to come after few days and will be given new AP RC baring original vehicle registration no.
6: Attapur RTA will send a form to the original RTA to verify the NOC. You will be also given a duplicate form for your reference.
For me it took 3 visits to complete the whole process till step 6.
7: Original RTA need to send the confirmation back to Attapur RTA. This may take months and years. To expedite the process one can ask someone / yourself to visit original RTA and get the confirmation. For me this took around 2-3 months. (I did some work around in purview of Govt. Rules to get this done. BTW I haven’t paid any extra money in the whole process) By submitting this confirmation you will be asked to pay Rs. 385/- and new RC baring AP no. will be issued in a week time.

Note: This process is as of June 2012, hence there might be few changes during this time.

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