Here comes my first DSLR “Nikon D5100”, an upgrade from my Sony point & shoot

After a long wait finally I ordered my first DSLR, Nikon D5100. Although its an entry level DSLR but for me its more than enough to pursue my hobby and learn photography first 🙂

I’am very fond of photography from childhood. I remember I convinced my dad to buy me a Yashika film camera. I used to take it to various places, picnics, B’day parties, tours/traveling etc. It remained with me for many years, don’t know exactly but I used it for 5-6 years. Then when I went to US (Denver, CO) in 2007 I bought my first digital camera Sony Cybershot, a point-n-shoot. That time I didn’t knew what was DSLR and the basics of photography.

Shooting with the point n shoot camera was great with its enormous lens (15x zoom). But something was lacking while I used to take pics, the pics were not that sharp and colors used to be dull. Although the zoom was quiet large i.e. 15x but the results were not great. The camera also had advanced dials of M.A.S.P, but still working with them was not a charm. And when I used to see other people’s pics on Flickr and 500px I used to think the reason, why? The reason was evident, as it was not an SLR having advanced technology built in with a high price tag.

I was not into pro-photography, just as a hobby, so I opted to go for an entry level DSLR, i.e. Nikon D5100 after checking lot of reviews. Got a good deal on Amazon, and it cost me around Rs. 26,500 (~ $440) for the camera body, 18-55mm kit Lens, 8GB Card and a Camera Bag.


–-> Here are the some of its key features:
1. 16.2 mega pixel sensor
2. Rotating/Sliding LCD monitor with 3.0″ screen
3. 11 AF (autofocus) points
4. IS0 100-6400 range, with 25600 boost
5. HD movies (1080p, 720p or WVGA) at 30fps
6. Continuous shooting wih 4fps
7. In built HDR mode
8. DX sensor (cropped)

–> Camera Design: (Photo courtesy: dpReview)


–> Camera body elements:

You can check some of the photographs I’ve taken from this camera on 500px.

One thought on “Here comes my first DSLR “Nikon D5100”, an upgrade from my Sony point & shoot

  1. I’m in the dilemma whether to buy a DSLR or not, I do travel much but use my iPad as a primary camera, does a decent job but nothing comparable to a DSLR. Just the thought that whether I’ll do justice to it after purchase, is holding me back.

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