Pay Road-tax from home without going to any RTO office (in Hyderabad)?

In one of my previous post I mentioned how to pay road-tax, documents required and steps to follow.

Today here in this post I’ll tell you how you can pay road-tax while sitting at home or office without any hassles.

After I paid road-tax by visiting Attapur RTA office. I saw many of my office colleagues discussing about the RTO officer coming to your place and getting things done. I inquired and came to know that the RTO officers get good commission on filing road-taxes via them. So they are always willing to come to your designated place and get the thing done for you, like a free agent.

You can contact any of these RTO officers:
– Raju: 9885631009
– Narender: 9000191905
– Surindra Reddy: 9948411639
– G Ravi Kumar: 9848308451

–> Documents Required: (Original and copy).
1. Vehicle Invoice (excluding Registration-fee & Road-tax)
2. RC and Insurance
3. Driving License (DL)
4. ID proof, PAN card of the registered owner
5. Pollution check
6. Address proof of Hyderabad

–> Call anyone of the above RTO officer on phone and he will ask you following things:
1. The Invoice amount or ex-showroom price of your vehicle & year of Registration.
2. After you provide this information he will calculate and tell you to get a Demand Draft (DD) of the exact amount (in favor of “SRTA, Hyderabad”, just confirm this from him).
3. He will give you a time and fix a meet to collect the DD & other docs, and will handover you some kind of challan or receipt for the same.
4. Within one week (usually 2-3 days) he will call you to collect the Road-tax receipt which you need to laminate and keep it with your vehicle documents.

4 thoughts on “Pay Road-tax from home without going to any RTO office (in Hyderabad)?

  1. Thanks. I was able to pay the road tax thru Mr.Surindra but had to go to RTA Kondapur as he was busy. DD needs to be made against Secretary RTA, RR District

    • I have all the documents to pay road tax except the original invoice , is there any way that tax can be calculated without original invoice?can you please suggest if you have any experience with this

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