Process for closing Passport application file at Secunderabad RPO?

Check my [previous blog post] on how I renewed my Passport and all hurdles I came across.

The biggest hurdle was the closing of first application file as I created another file without mentioning the first file on the Passport site while applying for a renewal.

The case was, I initiated my passport renewal by applying online and paid one time fee of 1.5k INR, but exhausted all my appointments to the PSK. As you can reschedule appointments only for 2 times in a year after first appointment date is over and the passport fees paid is also valid for a year. And I had missed all my appointments, thus the fee I paid was also lapsed.

Thus I reapplied for renewal on the Passport site and opened a second file. And when I visited PSK after checking all my docs they asked my why I opened a second application file without closing the first one? They asked me to go to Secunderabad RPO (Regional Passport Office) and get the first file closed. They put on hold my second file and told me that I’ll have to pay fine of 1.5k INR as I did all this.

Imp: According to them as I had exhausted all my appointments, I could have mentioned the first application file while opening the second application file for the renewal. And as I had suppressed this information I’m liable to pay a fine, and get the first file closed.

–> Closing Application File: I went to the Secunderabad RPO will all documents in original and duplicate. Had to stand long in separate queues for around 2-3 hrs, and had to go to 2-3 counters A,B,C etc to get the application and documents verified. Finally I ended up with an officer who asked me some questions and why I opened up a new file. I provided him slip from Toli Choki PSK. He asked me to got to some “Inventory room” do some more paper work, again a big queue. Returned back to the same officer, and it was time for lunch break. Waited for around an hour, and finally he closed my file on his system and gave me a receipt. The whole process took almost 5-6 hours, so take some food and water with you.

Later that day I got an SMS for the same:

1. Your File No. HYxyz is closed by RPO Hyderabad on . Please visit Regional Passport Office for details. (Jan-11, 1:32 pm)

–> Final approval: Went to Toli Chowki PSK again on the next appointed day, and provided the receipt form Secunderabad RPO. Had to go through all A, B, C counter again. They verified all things and asked me to pay 1.5k fine. Finally at the last counter my application was accepted.

I got an SMS on the same day:

2. Dear applicant, Penalty of Rs 1000.00/- imposed on your application (File No xyz) has been paid in full. (21st Jan, 11:22 am)

For rest and whole process that I went through, please check my this [previous blog post].

Secunderabad RPO location:


11 thoughts on “Process for closing Passport application file at Secunderabad RPO?

  1. hi
    I applpassporti 2015. My application is rejected from police enquiry. because my husband not here he is in dubai. I was sign his signature.
    now i want re reapplly it. should i go psk secendrabad for cancellation. and also i forget my file numberwhhow i get this.

  2. Hi, my husband has submitted false information about his education and now the file is on hold at the rpo
    Usually the fine is imposed and it is cleared but in my husband’s case the officer isn’t responding. Should I reapply mentioning the first file details or should I wait for the automatic closure of the file or should I pay 50000 bribe as asked. Please help asap.

    • Do not pay bribe, if all fines are cleared file an RTI mentioning why file is on hold.
      As the file is not closed, even by mentioning the file no you will need to get the file closed.
      First try visiting the Secunderabad RPO to get the status personally.

  3. I have applied for fresh passport.i got status police clearance not clear.its under review of rpo after my interview.i applied for passport with un register dob certificate.n ow i want to cancel my application with out payment 5k .how to skip this?

  4. Hi Manoj, I had ignore the application status for three years and now it is required to re-apply. If I mention the old File number details in the re-application, will it be the same case, do I need to get a closure certificate from PSK, Hyderabad ?
    What could be the fine in my case ?

    • The file gets close automatically after a year.
      But I would suggest to provide the first file name, as they suggest not to hide anything. And you may not have to go through the process of closing that at RPO.

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