Starting your own blog !!!

Knowledge increases by sharing and not by saving !!!

I began started blogging in my spare time while learning SQL programming language back in 2006. And in year 2009 I started blogging and posted my first post/article on “SQL Programming” on I used to blog new posts in my spare time whatever new stuff I learnt and felt sharing.

The motivation behind this was to help other fellow learners and what better way than to share your learnings in some forum. Once it started getting good response, slowly increasing in terms of hits, I made it a habit to keep writing on new features, articles related to SQL language which I liked and hoped my readers to admire.

–> Here I am putting down some quick tips which may help people who always wanted to blog but didn’t don’t know where to start from.

What should I blog:
– Think on a topic or subject you are passionate about, where you have deep/sound knowledge and can write about it very frequently, like Technology (All, or any particular like SQL, .Net, Java, etc.), Photography, Travel, Fashion, Politics, etc.
– Blogging to promote self
– Ensure the content is genuine.

How do I setup my blog:
– You can start with any of the free Blog Hosting sites, like WordPress, Google’s Blogger, Tumblr, etc.
– There are paid versions for the above mentioned sites. Some hosts like GoDaddy, bluehost, custom URL (Domain name) can also be created with more control.

How frequently should I blog:
– Depends upon the Topic, Time and your Passion:
    – If it is current affairs and/or trending stuff, then daily, but you should have ample time.
    – If automobiles/movies or similar then you should be the first and best (or amongst them) to blog them whenever they are launched.
    – If its Technology then it could be daily/weekly/monthly, but at least one/two blog(s) per month to keep your readers connected with you.

Some Do’s & Don’ts:
– Do not copy other people’s blog posts, no plagiarism.
– You can write about same topics what others have already posted, but make sure to give your post a different story and title.
– Its Ok to take tips from other Blogs, but the content should be genuinely written by you and credit should be given of any references done in preparation of your article.
– Don’t forget to put a Disclaimer on the blog so that you do not come under any issues.

– Use Widgets to provide more information and ease of access to your users to navigate on your blog site.
– Use Themes to beautify your blog, and can tweak CSS to give it a different look.
– Associate your blog URL or site map with Search Engines, like Bing, Google, etc. for SEO, so that you get maximum traffic hits.
– Use inbuilt or third-party Stat counter, Comments, Pingbacks, Rating systems/widgets to know the influence & popularity of your blog.
– Popularize your blog with Social media like a Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Taken all together, blogging emerges as an essential enabler of education as a whole. Blogging enables you to express yourself in your own way. It also helps you to create your own brand value and increases possibility of being discovered via social media. Each time you write something, you are increasing the probability of people sharing them through various social networks , which just helps you being introduced to a new audience.

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