YouTube – Your Google Ads account was cancelled due to no spend

Just today I got an email form Google regarding cancellation of my Google Ads account. This made me a bit wary about my YouTube channel & Blog, and the earnings that I get from them. Many people like me could think if this could impact or block your earnings?

Here is the email I got:

Your Google Ads account xyz-pqr-abcd was automatically cancelled on 11/7/2018, as it has not spent for over 15 months. Learn more about inactive account cancellation.

Ads will stop showing within 24 hours of account cancellation. If you have money left in your cancelled account, we’ll refund it to your payment method within 4 weeks.

If you’d like to reactivate your account, you can do so by signing into Google Ads account. Learn more about reactivating cancelled accounts.

The Google Ads Team

Not to worry?

I checked online and found that this account is not the AdSense account, but its AdWords and both are different and as follows:

1. Google Ads: (or Adwords), you are the Supplier of the Ads and you pay for Ads.

2. AdSense: you are the supplier of the Space and you get paid for it.

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