I got full refund of my flight tickets during COVID lockdown (AirIndia via MakeMyTrip)

Recently I got full refund for my AirIndia flights tickets booked via MakeMyTrip for 15th April & 4th May dates, but it was not that easy !!!

We were not able to travel due to COVID lockdown as all airlines stopped their operations during this period i.e. from March 25th to May 24th. So were wondering what will happen to these tickets, do we need to forget as it was not that big amount, or can be salvaged for our next travel?

So we decided to give it a try to reach out to airlines and ask for our ticket refunds.

– We contacted AirIndia Customer Care number (1860-233-1407) several times and we got negative response that the ticket amount cannot be refunded, but can be rescheduled till 2021 year end.

– Then from a friend we came to know about a grievance site for Airways, so I logged 2 separate grievances for both the tickets on airsewa.gov.in.

– After 2 weeks we got an update on the Airsewa grievance site that AirIndia will be refunding the full amount, but there was no update by when. So I again contacted AirIndia and they told the amount is already refunded to MakeMyTrip, and I’ve to get it refunded back to my account from them.

– As there was no communication from MakeMyTrip about this refund, so I tried to contact MMT but they don’t seem to have a customer care phone number.

– So as there was no way to contact MMT, I took to twitter and posted some tweetes with MMT handle & hashtags, also I DM them separately, but I got a default response on each tweet.

– Next I tried to escalated the tweets to “Ministry of Civil Aviation”, DGCA and related twitter handles (image below), and the very next day I got a DM from MMT about the refund.

– And after around 2 weeks I got my tickets refund from MMT.

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